Classical Albanian Literature:

A Reader

Albanian Studies, Vol. 18

ISBN 978-1515132769 Centre for Albanian Studies, London 2015 248 pp. This reader presents the best of classical Albanian literature, from the end of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentieth century. It includes the best-known works of the age, poetry in particular. After a sluggish start, Albanian literature flourished in the 1920s and 1930s. By the mid-1930s, it reached a zenith, when intellectual life in the country was finally on a sound footing. A modern literature had been created in Albania and the nation had come of age. Alas, it was a brief blossoming in the shadow of the apocalypse which loomed in the form of the Stalinist regime that seized power in 1944 and would snuff out all genuine literary production for decades to come.

Table of Contents

Introduction Pashko Vasa (1825-1892) Oh Albania, Poor Albania Naim Frashëri (1846-1900)    Oh, Mountains of Albania    The Words of the Candle    The Flute    Hope    Kerbela Andon Zako Çajupi (1866-1930)    My Village    Motherland    Servitude Ndre Mjeda (1866-1937)    Winter    To the Albanian Eagle    Freedom    Lokja Gjergj Fishta (1871-1940)    Mehmet Ali Pasha    Bec Patani Meets his Blood Brother in Battle    The Mountain Nymphs Mourn the Death of Tringa Asdreni (1872-1947)    To the Adriatic    Forgotten Memories    The Oracle of Dodona    The Flute    Oath to the Flag Faik Konitza (1875-1942)    How Albania Looked to Me Fan Noli (1882-1965)    On Riverbanks    Dead in Exile    Run, oh Soldier of Marathon    Shakespeare and I Lasgush Poradeci (1899-1987)    Pogradec    Morning    End of Autumn    Winter Ernest Koliqi (1903-1975)    The Garden Mitrush Kuteli (1907-1967)    The Muddy Albanian Soil    The Autumn of Xheladin Bey Migjeni (1911-1938)    Poems of Poverty    Blasphemy    Song of Noble Grief    Autumn on Parade    Scandalous Song    Resignation    Fragment    The Themes    Suffering    Under the Banners of Melancholy    The Student Back Home    The Story of One of Those Women Biographical Notes on the Writers Bibliography Buy this Book on AMAZON
Robert Elsie