Keeping an Eye on the Albanians

Selected Writings in Albanian Studies

Albanian Studies, Vol. 16

ISBN 978-1514157268 Centre for Albanian Studies, London 2015 556 pp. The Canadian scholar and writer Robert Elsie, who was born in Vancouver in 1950, has been working and publishing in the field of Albanian Studies for about thirty-five years. The present book is a compilation of his major articles and essays on Albanian culture (history, literature, philology, religion, etc.), a reflection of his constant endeavour to make the tiny Albanian nation better known in the world.

Table of Contents

Introduction The Early History of Albania The Earliest References to the Existence of the Albanian Language Albania in the Anonymi Descriptio Europae Orientalis, 1308 Two Irish Travellers in Albania in 1322 The Albanian Lexicon of Arnold von Harff, 1497 The Albanian Lexicon of Evliya Çelebi (1662), and What a Travelling Dervish Should Know The Viennese scholar Who Almost Became King of Albania: Baron Franz Nopcsa and his Contribution to Albanian Studies History of the Dutch Military Mission to Albania, 1913-1914 The Cham Albanians of Greece Kosovo and the Bar Tragedy of March 1945 A Brief History of Kosovo The Hybrid Soil of the Balkans: A Topography of Albanian Literature Albanian Literature in the English-Speaking World Thoughts on Kosovo Albanian Literature, Culture and Identity Albanian Literary History and Albanian Literary Culture: Observations on Recent Developments Albanian Literature in the Muslim Tradition: Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth-Century Albanian Writing in Arabic Script The Currents of Muslim and Bektashi Writing in Albania, 1850-1950 The Bellifortis Text and Early Albanian Three Poets of the Golden Age of Scutarine Catholic Literature in Albania Gjergj Fishta: The Voice of the Albanian Nation The Albanian Writer Visar Zhiti: A Victim of the Surreal Benjamin Disraeli and Scanderbeg. The Novel The Rise of Iskander (1833) as a Contribution to Britain’s Literary Discovery of Albania Islam and the Dervish Sects of Albania: An Introduction to their History, Development and Current Situation The Christian Saints of Albania The Rediscovery of Folk Literature in Albania The Songs of the Frontier Warriors: Albanian Oral Epic Verse Some Observations on Albanian and Bosnian Epic Traditions Why is the Albanian Epic So Neglected? Northern Albanian Culture and the Kanun The Albanian Media in Kosovo and the Spectre of Ethnic Cleansing The Last Albanian Waiter Freedom and Chaos: Contemporary Albanian Literature Publication List of Robert Elsie Buy this Book on AMAZON